Since 2005, Casimir Pulaski Foundation (CPF) – a leading Polish think-thank, that specializes in foreign policy and international security has been collaborating with the European Academy of Diplomacy as founder of the Casimir Pulaski Scholarships. Since 2005 the CFP has awarded more than 70 full scholarships to the best candidates for the Academy of Young Diplomats. In 2018, the Foundation shall award up to 15 full or partial scholarships to best candidates for the 15th edition of the Academy of Young Diplomats. The final decisions will be made by the Board of the Foundation. Decisions will be need-based with the intention of offering scholarships to as many applicants as possible.
Please be advised that the scholarship does not cover the costs of accommodation, transportation and meals during the Program.

About the Program

The Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD) is an annual diplomatic program for emerging global leaders, preparing future diplomats, civil servants and social entrepreneurs for international careers in a spirit of responsibility for the surrounding world. Addressed to senior students and graduates, the program offers 70-hours of hands-on diplomatic training, a special workshop session, study visits and one study-session outside of Warsaw.
Since 2004 over 2400 participants from 60 countries have graduated from the Academy of Young Diplomats. Over 100 AYD Alumni found work in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of their respective countries, while others are employed in European institutions, international organizations, public administration and business.

Why to join AYD?

Unique Methodology: Since 2004 we have continuously been developing and perfecting our teaching methods. The uniqueness of the AYD program approach lays in the emphasis put on the development of practical skills, which are useful in the future international careers of our participants. Based on this approach, the program is a mixture of theory and practice. Participants gain knowledge and experience that is not offered by other educational institutions.

Highest quality of education: All AYD trainers are carefully selected and evaluated on as session-to-session basis. All of our top trainers have extensive experience in working with multinational groups. There professional background spans from diplomacy to international business. In addition, the AYD hosts a number of special guests: former Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Presidents, Prime Ministers or senior diplomats, who share with the students their professional experience in pursuing a successful international career. The Academy of Young Diplomats program has an accreditation of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Poland.

Extraordinary student profile: The participants of the Academy of Young Diplomats come from over 50 different countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Each of our students – guided by the program values of global openness, social involvement and professional development – contributes uniquely to the program. The Academy offers a networking platform for  young international leaders with similar interests, plans for the future and objectives. The intimate atmosphere of the Academy fosters a sustainable network of contacts. The friendships made during the program almost always extend well beyond the graduation date.

Openness and collaboration: The European Academy of Diplomacy is always eager to deepen and strengthen cooperation with the AYD participants.  Both during the program and after its completion, we assist our students and Alumni with new initiatives, conferences and other activities. We stay in touch with the graduates through the Alumni Club and reengage our Alumni in new programs which are constantly developed.

Assisting in future career: The European Academy of Diplomacy assists students in their effort to develop successful future careers by issuing professional recommendations and providing patronage for events organized by our students.

Detailed information about the program can be found here.

Scholarship Requirements

Please ensure you meet the following criteria. Do not continue if you answer NO to any of these questions, as you will not be eligible for the CPF Scholarship:

1. Are you university student at least until the end of December 2018?

2. Are you proficient in English (C1 in reading, writing, and speaking)?

3. Have you read and acknowledged the ruled of full scholarships and partial scholarships?

Application process:

To apply please fill in the application form available in the Application Form tab.

Note: Polish citizenship is not required. The deadline for applications is 30th September 2018.
Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered. Information about the results will be announced by mid October 2018.

Application Form

To apply for the Casimir Pulaski Foundation Scholarship please fill-in the application form available HERE.

Note: Polish citizenship is not required. The deadline for applications is 30th September 2018.
Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered. Information about the results of the application will be announced by mid October 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we looking for in AYD participant and Casimir Pulaski Foundation scholarship recipient?

Global openness: AYD students are aware of the common challenges facing the global community and meet these challenges with engagement. They are proactive in seeking opportunities to gain experience in an international environment (through internships, volunteering and student exchange). They do not discriminate against other human beings based on religion, ethnicity, race, sex or country of origin.
Social involvement: AYD students dynamically contribute to their communities and their societies. They operate locally, regionally, nationally or globally to improve the well-being of people around them. Prospective candidates of the Academy of Young Diplomats are members of voluntary organizations, grass-root initiatives.
Professional development: AYD students strive for continuous personal and professional development. Both at university or at work, they are courageous in undertaking new projects and task, which move them out of their comfort zone. They understand their strengths and weaknesses and show willingness to develop both intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence (empathy, self-awareness, self-regulation and social skills).

Is there an age or educational requirements for the candidate?

Yes. Candidate for the AYD and the Casimir Pulaski Foundation Scholarship must be at least 20 years old and have a student status at least until the end of December 2018.

I’m a graduate. Can I apply for a Casimir Pulaski Foundation Scholarship?

No. Only full-time students, extramural studies and PhD studies students are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Student status is required at least until the end of December 2018.

Do I need to provide a letter of recommendation?

Yes. Candidates must provide two letters of recommendation, including one from lecturer from his home university, and one from a person with whom you worked, for example your superior.

I have already submitted my application but I would like to make same changes. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, no – it is not possible. It is clearly stated on the application form and on the website that after you click the submit button you will no longer be able to make any changes. Once you’ve submitted your application, it is no longer possible to edit, modify or change it.

The scholarship will cover part / total of the participation fee in one year long AYD Program. Does it mean I have to cover my travel cost to/from Warsaw during sessions, the cost of the visa, insurance, accommodation, and food?

Yes. The scholarship covers the admission fee of the AYD in full or partially (depending on scholarship received). The program includes 6 three-days sessions in Warsaw, one workshop session, one external session in Cracow (accommodation and meals); study visits in the embassies and international organizations based in Warsaw.

I want to apply for the scholarship. When is the final date of the application submission?

The deadline of the application submission is 30th September 2018.

When can I expect the results of my application?

The scholarship applicants will be informed about the results via e-mail by mid October 2018.

About the Casimir Pulaski Foundation

The Casimir Pulaski Foundation is an independent, non-partisan think-tank specializing in foreign policy and international security. The Pulaski Foundation provides analyses that describe and explain international developments, identify trends in international environment, and contain possible recommendations and solutions for government decision makers and private sector managers to implement.

The Foundation concentrates its research on two subjects: transatlantic relations and Russia and the post-Soviet sphere. It focuses primarily on security, both in traditional and non-military dimensions, as well as political changes and economic trends that may have consequences for Poland and the European Union. The Casimir Pulaski Foundation is composed of over 60 experts from various fields. It publishes the Pulaski Policy Papers, the Pulaski Report, and the Pulaski Commentaries. The Foundation experts cooperate with media on a regular basis.

Once a year, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation gives the Knight of Freedom Award to an outstanding person who has promoted the values represented by General Casimir Pulaski: freedom, justice, and democracy. Prizewinners include: Professor Władysław Bartoszewski, Professor Norman Davies, Alaksandar Milinkiewicz, President Lech Wałęsa, President Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President Valdas Adamkus, Bernard Kouchner, and Richard Lugar, President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, President Mikheil Saakashvili, Radek Sikorski i Carl Bildt and President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

One of the leading projects in the field of international security is the annual Warsaw Security Forum, organized in partnership with the Polish and foreign partners and institutions, which is bringing together policymakers from European Union and NATO countries to discuss major security challenges.

The Casimir Pulaski Foundation has a partnership status with the Council of Europe.

14th Edition

Michael Dembek
Tymoteusz Gurbin
Ewa Cichocka
Paweł Nowak
Mateusz Krawczyk
Annaliisa Jäme
Magdalena Linke-Koszek
Iryna Budz

13th Edition

12th Edition

Piotr Dubiński
Adam Krzykowski
Robert Mieczkowski
Aleksander Olech
Piotr Skowroński

11th Edition

Krisztina Aved
Sebastian Kęciek
Andrzej Kozłowski
Sabina Malinovska
Radmila Ożdżeńska
Dominika Proszowska

10th Edition

Bartłomiej Czerkowski
Filip Deleżyński
Sabina Narloch
Aleksander Szojda
Artsiom Tkachuk

9th Edition

Monika Harach
Maciej Kawecki
Małgorzata Moch
Aleksandra Nowak
Justyna Tomalska

8th Edition

Ryhor Astapenia
Judyta Latymowicz
Maksymilian Liszewski
Piotr Sadło
Joanna Strózik
Anna Godoj

7th Edition

Natalia Hapek
Izabela Miłosz
Weronika Możyłowska
Marta Powalisz
Jędrzej Trojanowski
Miłosz Janusz Zieliński

6th Edition

Filip Balcerzak
Wojciech Bartnik
Jagoda Dworek
Małgorzata Janusz
Michał Lipa
Marta Sayed

5th Edition

4th Edition

Jacek Durkalec
Katarzyna Ewelina Dzierżyńska
Joanna Dzilińska
Przemysław Goderecki
Justyna Zapała