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Characteristic of Naval operations in the Baltic Sea and modernisation priorities of the Polish Navy – expert panel held at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation.

Priorities for the Polish Navy, as well as specificity of naval operations in shallow and semi enclosed seas such as the Baltic Sea, were the key topics of a debate organised by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. A talk by professor Milan Vego, lecturer at the US Naval War College constituted a focal point of the panel. Also participating in the event were the CPF experts, journalists specialising in defense matters, as well as retired senior officers of the Polish Navy. Professor Vego specializes in naval conflicts fought in shallow seas such as the Baltic, and has provided the attendees with an overview of naval operations in the Baltic Sea, including […]


Industrial-Scientific symposium „Managing defence industry enterprises”.

On April 21st, the Command and Management Faculty of the Warsaw War Studies Academy, in cooperation with the Casimir Pułaski Foundation has organized the first industrial-scientific symposium, which in itself is a part of the post-graduate “Management of a military industry enterprise” programme. The goal of the seminar was to present the factors influencing the management of companies within the arms industry sector. Taking part in the event were Col. Karol Dymanowski, Director of the Armament Policy Department, Col. Ryszard Lewiński, Head of the Scientific Research Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Defence, ABW (Internal Security Agency) officer Bartosz Orlicz-Rabiega. The Casimir Pułaski Foundation was represented by Mr Tomasz Smura, […]


“Priorities of NATO and Poland ahead of the Alliance’s Summit in Brussels” – discussion at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation HQ.

On April 4th, an expert seminar was held at the Casimir Pułaski, entitled „Polish priorities ahead of the Brussels NATO summit”. The objective of the meeting was to discuss key issues and priorities to be raised by Poland during the NATO summit in Brussels, that would encompass both the political and military dimension. The NATO take on the issue was presented by Mr Robert Pszczel who is a Senior Officer at the Alliance’s Public Diplomacy Division. Polish priorities were laid out in presenations delivered by Mr Przemysław Pacuła, who is a Head of the Allied Security Department of the Bureau of National Security, Mr Michał Baranowski – Head of the […]


Review of offers in “Kruk” attack helicopter acquisition programme: seminar AH-64E Apache Guardian

On March 22nd, 2018, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation held a second in the series of seminars devoted to presenting entries to the “Kruk” attack helicopter program. “Kruk” is one of the key procurement programs of the Polish Armed Forces, crucial from the standpoint of Poland’s future security architecture. The latest seminar was centered around AH-64E Apache Guardian –  the Boeing Company offer. The event gathered top-level  Polish stakeholders, including senior representatives of the Air Forces Inspectorate, I3TO (New Technologies Implementation Inspectorate), as well as representatives of the Boeing Company and the Pulaski Foundation experts. Throughout the day, participants discussed technical details of the Apache, as well as specific requirements of […]


Casimir Pulaski Foundation staff visits the NATO Joint Forces Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland

On Febraury 15th 2018, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation delegation visited the Joint Forces Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland. JFTC is one of the key NATO training centres in Europe, and is involved in an extensive spectrum of activities, focusing predominantly on joint and combined training on a tactical, and operational level. JFTC was founded in 2004, and is one of the two NATO training centres located in Europe (the other one is the Joint Warfare Centre, situated in Stavenger, Norway). JFTC boasts an Modelling and Simulation (M&S) capability, allowing for organising and conducting cutting edge wargaming simulations. The JFTC representation included: deputy Commander of the JFTC Brigadier General Ladislav […]


Review of offers in “Kruk” attack helicopter acquisition programme: seminar I AH-1Z Viper

On 19th of September 2017 Casimir Pulaski Foundation organized the very first out of a series of seminars dedicated to the future of a new attack helicopter program of the Polish Armed Forces. The first seminar was centered around experiences of the United States Marine Corps in operating the H-1 helicopter Platform. AH-1Z Viper is one of competitors in the Polish “Kruk” (Raven) assault helicopter acquisition program. Future seminars will be dedicated to other entries to the Kruk program – Boeing (AH-64E), Airbus (Tiger HAD), and Turkish Aerospace Industries (ATAK). Among the guests were: the director of the Marine Corps attack helicopter program, and an AH-1Z test pilot Col. David […]


Follow on forces, intelligence, reconnaissance, and logistics ought to be the subsequent steps for NATO to adapt to the Russian threat – these are the conclusions of the Baltic Sea Security Conference.

Good intelligence and reconnaissance enabling deeper understanding of our security environment and rapid decision-making ability – these are the key aspects for improving security in the Baltic Sea and the NATO’s Eastern Flank, according to the panellists of the Baltic Sea Security Conference. The participants also took notice of the Russian propaganda efforts, directed at portraying itself as a victim, rather than the cause of rising tensions, and called for these narratives to be countered Furthermore, it was emphasised that Russia’s growing military potential in the Western operational theatre constitutes a serious security threat. “Reactivation of the 1st Guards Tank Army and creation of three new divisions are not responses […]


Ministers Paweł Soloch, Michał Dworczyk and Bartosz Cichocki to open Baltic Sea Security Conference 2017

We are proud to announce that Paweł Solch – Head of National Security Bureau Michał Dworczyk – Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence of Poland, Bartosz Cichocki – Undersecretary of State for Security, Consular Affairs and Eastern Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland will open Baltic Sea Security Conference 2017.  The conference aims at providing a platform for discussion on security and defence cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. Recently this area once again has become a place of rivalry between the Western countries and the Russian Federation, which forces the member states of the European Union and NATO to deepen regional cooperation in the security dimension. An important task of the conference […]



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