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TRISEMINAR: The Future of Submarines in the Polish Navy

We are pleased to inform, that the Casimir Pulaski Foundation is going to organize between March and May a series of three seminars on the topic of technological solutions and combat capacities of the conventional submarines offered to Poland under the ”Orka” Programme. The conclusions of the seminar are going to be published in the form of a policy paper and are going to be delivered to the decision-making centres and to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. The Triseminar aims to present technological solutions and the expertise of navies of the NATO and the European Union countries that are utilizing conventional submarines. Each seminar will be devoted […]

“We need to build awareness of danger inside NATO” – the war game organized by the Pulaski Foundation and the Potomac Foundation with the participation of NATO commanders

“Together with the gen. Breedlove we believe that the preparation for the potential threat from Russia is extremely important for the Alliance and its front states” – writes Philip Karber, president of the influential US think tank Potomac Foundation in a statement to the war game organised by the Pulaski Foundation in cooperation with the Potomac Found. “Our goal is a building awareness of the challenges and an encouraging people to ask questions about the security,” – said Zbigniew Pisarski, President of the Pulaski Foundation. The Pulaski Foundation together with the Potomac Foundation organized the first joint war game “Baltic Security Scenario” based on the computer platform Hegemon. The event […]


Representatives of the Pulaski Foundation in Kiev About Counteraction to Russian Propaganda in Central and Eastern Europe

December 7th, 2016 Experts of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation in Kiev took part in the seminar: ‘V4+ Security – Strengthening the Eastern Frontier of the V4’, which was organized by the Hungarian think-tank Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy as well as the Ukrainian Prism. The main conclusions flowing from the meeting is surge of Russian propaganda and disinformation activities in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe on the one hand and low efficiency in terms of protection from these activities in the V4+ countries. Although the seminar was devoted also to joint exercises and missions performed by V4 countries, Ukraine and Moldova, participants in practice, focused on the […]


New American administration will not change the priorities in the area of security – on consequences of electing Donald Trump with Peter B. deNeufville in CPF

New American administration will not change the priorities in the area of security – it’s the main conclusion coming from the over one hour-long meeting with advisor of General Michael Flynn, Peter B. deNeufville, who was visiting Poland. The meeting was organized by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation with participation of experts and a representative of the Polish Bureau of National Security on 1st December 2016. The meeting from series “Pulaski Security Briefing” touched on a number of subjects concerning security and defense in context of election of Donald Trump for President of the United States and naming Gen. Michael Flynn as the national security advisor by President-elect. Peter B. deNeufville […]


In CPF about information warfare and territorial defence

“In Europe there is only one country, which poses a comprehensive defence strategy, and that country is Russia” – noticed Gen. Bogusław Pacek during the expert seminar in Casimir Pulaski Foundation concerning information warfare and territorial defence. The aim of the meeting was to exchange the experience of Poland and Lithuania in these issues.  Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak, Gen. Stanisław Koziej and gen. Bogusław Pacek took part in the seminar. Lithuanian side was represented by Col. Eugenijus Vosylius. During the seminar a lot of focus was put on information warfare. “In Ukraine, information actions are more threatening than the armed forces ones” – emphasised Gen. Pacek. Gen. Skrzypczak, in turn, noticed that “Polish […]


The Latest Military Technologies and Arms Industry at the Warsaw Security Forum 2016

During the first day of the international conference, Warsaw Security Forum 2016, a technology, arms-industry-oriented sub-conference Security Beyond the Horizon was held. In the course of the SBH, representatives of defence companies presented their most advanced products and had the possibility of taking part in discussion panels relating to the issues of Polish defence.  The conference started with welcome remarks form the president of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Mr. Zbigniew Pisarski – the organizer of the Warsaw Security Forum 2016. Opening speeches from high-level officials from the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland, respectively by Mr. Jerzy Kwieciński, Secretary of State and […]


“We want the NATO to adapt toward 360° approach” – ministers of defence and of foreign affairs about the NATO and international security during the Warsaw Security Forum.

 “Summit in Warsaw has brought a philosophical change in respect of how NATO perceives defence of its eastern flank” – said vice-minister of defence of the Republic of Poland Tomasz Szatkowski during the ministerial panel on the last day of the Warsaw Security Forum. “It’s a fundamental change of perception” – the minister added.  The panel was attended also by the vice-ministers of defence of Czech Republic Daniel Kostoval and Hungary Tamás Vargha. During this year edition of the Warsaw Security Forum, one of the points of focus was   implementation of the decisions made on the NATO Warsaw Summit and adaptation of the Alliance to deal with such challenges as […]

NATO Missile Defence Should Also be Directed Towards Ballistic Threat from Russia

Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missile technologies is a growing threat to NATO member states, their territories and citizens. Approximately 30 states around the World, including Iran and North Korea, possess or strive to acquire advanced missile technologies. Nuclear states do not reduce their nuclear weapons capabilities. On the contrary, although world nuclear powers reduce overall number of nuclear warheads, they develop missile technologies perpetually. Moreover, growing tension between NATO and Russia means that the states on the alliance’s eastern flank are concerned about their air defence capabilities, as well as possible aid and assistance from other NATO member states. The main issue from the Polish perspective remains […]



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