‘Behind the cyber attacks stand modern systems and the huge amounts of money – with that scale of the threat, Poland has no possibilities to deal with them.’

The risk of attack on critical infrastructure, including power stations and energy networks has so far been underestimated. This was shown in the lack of cooperation of the particular institutions, the low awareness of the threat and small funds allocated for security program. Poland, as well as most European countries, do not protect their critical infrastructure sufficiently – concluded panelists participating in “Cybersecurity of the energy sector” conference organized by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. For the last two decades, operators of critical infrastructure in Poland have underestimated cyber threats. Nobody would have imagined that cyber attack could neutralize all security levels applicated in power stations or transmission lines. In recent […]


Technical modernisation and collective defence as a countermeasure against Russian militarism

Deepening military cooperation, NATO collective training and exercises as well as interoperability of military aircraft are the main tasks for air force of the Alliance’s border states – these are the main conclusions from the last ‘Pulaski Security Briefing’ dedicated to the development of the NATO air force. Among participants of the debate were defence attachés from NATO member states – col. Jan Østrup-Møller from Denmark, col. Øivind Oland Christensen from Norway, col. José María Martínez Cortés from Spain, col. Romeo Tăbîrcă from Romania and lt. col. Rimantas Jarmalavičius from Lithuania – as well as representative of Israel col. David Mizrachin and defence attaché of Sweden col. Claes Nilsson. NATO […]


The Cyber Defence Strategy of the Republic of Poland

Discussion about protecting cyber space of Poland should be started off by analyzing the issue of coordination. Nowadays cyber defence cannot be maintain by only one institution. Unfortunately, the divion of competence among numerous entities remains quite unclear – claimed the participants of conference ‘The Cyber Defence Strategy of the Republic of Poland’ The capability to protect cyber space of Poland is restrained by inefficient division of competence, which remain conferred on several entities. The main issue lays in legislative regulations – the accountability of respective institutions lacks firm legal foundations – claimed dr Krzysztof Liedel, the Director of the Department of Legal and Non-Military Affairs in National Security Bureau […]


Russian combat aviation – how to defend ourselves?

Sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States as well as the disadvantageous economic situation have not prevented Russia from implementing priority projects of the State Armaments Program for 2011-2020 (rus. GPW 2020). Despite the technical difficulties related to the development of the T-50 air superiority fighter, Russia is consequently strengthening the combat capabilities of their Air Force by introducing modern Su-35S fighters and Su-34 multirole tactical bombers – these are the main conclusions from the upcoming ‘Pulaski Security Briefings’. The main subject of the debate, moderated by Robert Cheda (expert of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation on the Armed Forces and Intelligence of the Russian Federation), was the […]


Russian missile system as a threat to security of Poland

Introduction of the “Wisła” air defense system might not significantly decrease the threat of Russian short-range ballistic missile system Iskander-M due to the technological gaps of the air defense systems which are currently under consideration within procurement process for a new missile defense system in Poland – according to Dr. Karl J. Dahlem, Senior Expert on Air Defense in MBDA Germany, it is the most important challenge in terms of modernization of the Polish Armed Forces. German expert was a guest of honour of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation during the seminar titled ‘Russian ballistic missile capabilities: threats to Poland and required solutions’ that took place 17th April 2015. Without reference […]



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