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ANALYSIS: Russian nuclear triad – a threat or propaganda?

Despite the financial crisis, economic sanctions and technological difficulties, the Russian Federation is modernizing the Armed Forces within the framework of the State Armaments Program 2011-2020 (Rus. GPW 2020). The modernization of the strategic nuclear forces is considered in Russia as one of the priorities, since the nuclear forces determine Kremlin’s prestige and the position as a superpower. Currently, the nuclear war seems to be a strictly theoretical problem, particularly as far as strategic nuclear strikes are concerned. However, Russia perceives nuclear weapons as a political tool, which may be used against other countries. On December 26, 2014, President Putin approved the new ‘Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation’, which […]


A war game of Pulaski Foundation and Potomac Foundation with gen. Breedlove’s participation

As a part of a newly launched Wargaming Studies and Simulations Programme at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, the Foundation in cooperation with the Potomac Foundation, organises a war game based upon Potomac’s proprietary HEGEMON computer-based simulation platform. The event takes place from the 23rd to the 26th of January, 2017 in Warsaw. The purpose of the Simulation is to assist in the development of a regional and NATO accepted understanding of the nature of the Russian military threat to the Baltic States and Poland.  The Baltic States and Sweden are already employing the HEGEMON Baltic Campaign Simulation to identify force structure and defence planning requirements for defeating Russian General Staff […]


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