The CPF’s Policy of Intellectual Independence 

The Pulaski Foundation firmly believes that the activities of non-governmental organisations must be founded on ethical pillars without which effective support of the development of civil society is impossible. From its inception onwards, the Pulaski Foundation has engaged itself in the realisation of numerous projects of social and research nature. The Pulaski Foundation meets the needs and issues of public administration, organising expert seminars and international conferences which provide a dialogue platform between public sector representatives, companies, and non-governmental organisations. In the views of the Pulaski Foundation, the transparency of non-governmental organisations’ activities as well as the objectivity of the publications prepared by the NGOs and their transparency, is crucial to create mutual trust between public administration and the non-profit sector.

Taking into account the growing need to form rules of transparency with regards to inter-institutional cooperation of research institutions and the private sector in Central-Eastern Europe, the Foundation has adopted a code of ethics which will constitute a framework of current and future cooperation with business partners as well as other non-governmental organisations. The Pulaski Foundation is convinced that transparency as a rule of cooperation contributes to working out bilateral benefits and strengthening partnership relations with the private sector.

We hope that the rules adopted by the Foundation will not only reinforce our position as a reliable and trustworthy partner, but will also form a source of inspiration for Polish non-governmental organisations with regards to building a culture of transparency and honest cooperation with businesses.

Ethical rules of the Pulaski Foundation

  • Independence – this is the most significant value and cornerstone of the activities of the Pulaski Foundation. First and foremost, projects realised by the Foundation aim to support civil society and offer objective recommendations to policy-makers – business partners should respect the freedom of statements made by the Foundation’s experts, regardless of their own marketing- and economic interests. The Foundation does not accept partners’ actions which could potentially lead to distortion of the research conducted by the Foundation and in consequence to the working out of recommendations undermining the national interests of the Republic of Poland.
  • Objectivity – the research conducted by the Foundation must fulfil strict criteria verified by the committee of independent experts cooperating with the Foundation. The publications, as well as events organised by the CPF are to achieve the Foundation’s goals, reflect objectivity, and present a wide perspective of a particular area of research.
  • Transparency – cooperation with business partners is based on transparency of financial sources for specific enterprises. Partners cannot influence the Foundation’s Research Fellows with the goal of realising their own needs or interests which would be in contravention of the Foundation’s mission and charter. Information concerning the financial support granted by the Foundation can be found on the official website of the Pulaski Foundation.
  • Political neutrality – the Foundation has no ties with any political party. Assessment of the activities of Polish policy-makers in the areas which are included in the Foundation’s research are deprived of political colour and rely solely upon the premise of merit. Theses publicised by experts cooperating with the Foundation cannot contradict the rules accepted by the Foundation. The Foundation does not bear responsibility for the private view of her experts.
  • Honesty – theses formulated in the studies published by the Foundation are based on proven public sources. The highest quality of publications is guaranteed by the publication process utilised by the Foundation, which accommodates consultations with experts and an academic environment, thus accepting key documents and publications from the Council of the Foundation. The possible occurrence of conflicts of interest in the projects realised by the Foundation is ruled out – only experts who are not in some way professionally connected to or in another form dependent upon firms which represent branch analysis can partake in the research.
  • Responsibility – all activities of the Foundation aim to realise the rules of the charter, which signify endeavours concerning the development of civil society and formulate independent expertise which contain possible implementable solutions and recommendations for the public administration.

CPF Contributors

Between 2015-2017 institutions, which supported reaserch projects or events according to our intelectual independence policy, included:

  • Centrum Doktryn i Szkolenia Sił Zbrojnych
  • Międzynarodowy Fundusz Wyszehradzki
  • NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division
  • Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu
  • Airbus
  • BAE Systems
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Boeing
  • DCNS
  • EuroCloud Poland
  • Eurofighter
  • Kochański, Zięba i Partnerzy
  • Kongsberg
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Leonardo
  • MBDA
  • MEADS Interntional
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Nouveau
  • Oracle
  • PGNiG
  • Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa
  • Prospect Incubator
  • PZU SA
  • Raytheon  Company
  • Saab Technologies
  • Teldat
  • TKMS
  • WB Electronics
  • Fundusze Norweskie