Olga Jastrzębska

Olga Jastrzębska

Research Fellow

PhD in Political Sciences. Researcher, author of many publications on the post-Soviet space and the policy of the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin.


A graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences (specialisation : European Studies), and the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław. Olga Jastrzębska defended her doctoral thesis on the importance of space in the process of shaping the superpower position of Russia at the University of Wrocław. Active researcher, author of many publications on the post-Soviet space and the policy of the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin. Erasmus Mundus Multic scholarship holder (three-month research stay at the Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education “All-Russian State University of Justice) and the Erasmus Plus program (one-year research stay at the University of Tartu in Estonia). Experienced academic teacher, currently cooperating with several private universities. Holder of Estophilus Scientific Grant organised by the Government of the Republic of Estonia, which has been realised from June to November 2021.

Selected publications :
O. Jastrzębska „The political reintegration of Belarus and Russian Federation in the 1990s”, title of periodic : „Wrocławskie Studia Politologiczne”, nr 19/2015, editor : Department of Political Science of University of Wroclaw; O. Jastrzębska „The collapse of the Soviet Union and its consequences in the form of reconstruction and modification of Russia and Post – Soviet states bonds”, title of periodic : „Europa Orientalis. Studies of Russia and Baltic States history”, number : 9 (2018), editor : Institute of History and Archival Sciences of Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun, Poland; O. Jastrzębska „Return to territoriality as the main component of the Russian Federation superpower strategy “, title of periodic : „Social Studies”, number : 13/(2)/2015, editor: Warsaw Management University; Jastrzębska „Modern Russia – rebuilding or reconstruction of the Empire?, title of periodic : Scientific Journal of the Faculty of Security „Security and Administration”, number : 4 (8)/2015, editor : Faculty of Security of National Defense Academy; O. Jastrzębska „Pro – Western Policy of the new Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as threat for possible Russian concept of Ukraine federalization”, title of periodic : „Ante Portas – Security Studies”, number 2 (13)/2019, editor : Chair of Internal Security of The College of Business and Entrepreneurship in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland O. Jastrzębska „Reconfiguration the security policy of Russian Federation”, article published in the book : „The world and Poland’s security”, edited by: M. Górka and G. Tokarz, editor : Gant, Poznan 2016.

Place of residence: Wrocław


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