Mariusz Ruszel

Mariusz Ruszel

Research Fellow

Doctor of Humanities he specialises in Political Science, an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Technology in Rzeszów.


Habilitated doctor in the field of social sciences, the discipline of political science and administration. A graduate of the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lodz. He is a university professor in the group of research and teaching staff at the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Management at the University of Technology in Rzeszów. Founder and president of the Institute of Energy Policy. Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal “Energy Policy Studies”. Founder and chairman of the committee that organises the scientific conference “Energy Security – Pillars and Development Perspective”. Winner of the “Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for an Outstanding Young Scientist” (2017). Reviewer of many international and national scientific journals.

Publications (selected):

  • Ruszel M., The significance of the Baltic Sea Region for natural gas supplies to the V4 countries, “Energy Policy”, Volume 146, November 2020, 111786.
  • Franaszek P., Grata P., Kozicka-Kołaczkowska A., Ruszel M., Zamoyski G., A Prometheus on a Human Scale – Ignacy Łukasiewicz, Peter Lang, Berlin 2019.
  • Energy security of Poland and Europe. Conditions – challenges – innovations, ed. M. Ruszel, S. Podmiotko, Institute of Energy Policy. I. Łukasiewicz, Rzeszów 2019.
  • Energetic safety. Concepts – challenges – interests, edited by J. Gryz, A. Podraza, M. Ruszel, PWN, Warsaw 2018.
  • Energy Policy Transition – The Perspective of Different States, ed. M. Ruszel, T. Młynarski, A. Szurlej, Ignacy Lukasiewicz Energy Policy Institute, Rzeszów 2017.
  • Ruszel M., Polish influence on shaping the EU energy policy 2004-2015, Difin Publishing House, Warsaw 2016.
  • Gędek S., Nowacki M., Polak S., Ruszel M., Zajdler R., The common EU gas market, Wydawnictwo Rambler, Warsaw 2015.
  • Gałczyński M., Ruszel M., Turowski P, Zajdler R., Zawisza A., Global LNG market, Rambler publishing house, Warsaw 2015.
  • Ruszel M., Energy security of Poland. Theoretical and practical dimension, Publishing house Rambler, Warsaw 2014.
  • Author of nearly 60 scientific articles.

Place of residence: Rzeszów


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