Valdas Adamkus

Valdas Adamkus

President of the Republic of Lithuania (1998 - 2009)

Valdas Adamkus received the "Knight of Freedom" award for his contribution to conduct re-elections in Ukraine, as well as for his involvement in the Orange Revolution.

During the I World War worked in the anti-German partisans. During the war he distributed  patriotic magazines underground. At the end of the war with his parents he emigrated to Germany. He completed high school and began his studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. In 1949 Valdas Adamkus decided to emigrate to the United States. During his stay in the US is intensively engaged in activities for the Lithuanian community. In 1997 he ran for president, who took over after the second round of elections in 1998. While being the president of Lithuania he supported the country’s accession to the European Union and NATO.


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