Zbigniew Pisarski

President of the Board

Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland on the Strategic Review Of National Security. Expert of the Council of Europe with regards to NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Tomasz Smura

Director of Research Office, Foreign Policy Programme Director

Tomasz Smura, PhD, is a graduate of the Institute of International Relations at Warsaw University and Director of Research Office at the CPF.

Jacek Bartosiak

Director of the Wargaming Studies and Simulations Programme

Jacek Bartosiak is an expert in geopolitics, military strategy and modern warfare, holds position of Senior Fellow at The Potomac Foundation in Washigton D.C.

Radosław Ciszewski

Member of the Foundation Council, Senior Advisor

Former Deputy Director of Prof. Danuta Hübner's office, journalist, former head of the editors and publisher of TVN CNBC BIZNES

Marcin Bużański


Political scientist, Director of the Peace and Stabilization Strategies Programme, Principal at the IGD Group, with a career with the United Nations in areas of political transitions, and conflict analysis.

Hanna Kowalska

Asystentka Zarządu

Maciej Starzyński


IT Administrator at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation since 2013. His area of interest primarily concerns the topic of cybersecurity.