“Pulaski Policy Papers” is a series of publications that focus on issues of great importance to Poland’s safety and stability, such as: global economy, Poland’s foreign policy and the political situation in Central and Eastern Europe.

The editor-in-chief of the Pulaski Policy Papers is Mr. Tomasz Smura (tsmura@pulaski.pl).



Nr 21/09, dr T. Kapuśniak, Ukraine is electing its president – the world is watching
Nr 20/09, G. Lewicki, Towards deconstructing postmodernism
Nr 19/09, M. Przełomiec, Worth fighting for the East
Nr 18/09, B. Góralczyk, China: the superpower of the future?
Nr 17/09, J. Bocheńska PhD, Turkey’s accession struggles versus the European parties and political factions
Nr 16/09, J. Czerep, Belarus – in search for its place in Europe
Nr 15/09, T. Otłowski, The strategic offensive of Al Qaida
Nr 14/09, M.Götz PhD, The Polish economy after the 1989 breakthrough – an attempt at evaluating economic convergence
Nr 13/09, Dr hab. B. Góralczyk, Hungary: right face!
Nr 12/09, J. Czerep, The latest initiatives strengthening democracy, development and the role of civic society in Sub-Saharan Africa
Nr 12/09, T. Otłowski, Crisis at NATO. Conclusions for Poland
Nr 11/09, D. S. Zbytek, Challenges in Pakistan’s foreign and security policy
Nr 10/09, P. Marcinkowska, Eastern Partnership and its potential
Nr 9/09, M. Wągrowska, Guaranteed security?
Nr 8/09, Dr hab. B. Góralczyk, PRC: A modernizing superpower’s self-absorption
Nr 7/09, M. Łapczyński, The cyber terrorism threat and the Polish defence strategy
Nr 6/09, T. Otłowski, The war against Islamic extremism – a summary and perspectives
Nr 5/09, K. Pędziwiatr PhD, The present and future of Islam in Western Europe
Nr 4/09, P. M. Kaczyński, Does this really matter? On the consequences of the Lisbon Treaty’s entry and non-entry into force
Nr 3/09, J. Kamińska, The EU, Russia and energy wars in the EU Eastern neighbourhood – prospects for change
Nr 2/09, Dr R. Bobrowski, Polish foreign policy in 2009
Nr 1/09, M. Citko, Japanese-Chinese relations – possible challenges and threats