Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden (2006 - 2014)

Carl Bildt received the "Knight of Freedom" award for his contribution to the EU's Eastern Partnership initiative, which goal is to bring pro-European values to the partner countries and help in carrying out reforms.

In 1991-1994, he held the office of Prime Minister of Sweden. He was chairman of the center-right Moderate Party Coalition. After submitting his resignation in 1994 he was a mediator in the conflict in the Balkans. By June 1995 he held the office of the Special Representative of the European Union for the Former Yugoslavia. In November of 1995 he participated as co-chair of the Peace Conference in Dayton. Moreover, he was High Commissioner to Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1995 to 1997. In 1999-2001 he held the position of Special Ambassador of the UN Secretary General in the Balkans. In the years 2006-2014 he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden.


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