Competition for the best essay “UK & Poland – Perspectives for Future Security Cooperation”.

On the 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and 20th anniversary of Polish accession to NATO, Casimir Pulaski Foundation together with British Embassy Warsaw organize a competition for the best essay “UK & Poland – Perspectives for Future Security Cooperation”. The essays will try to show how NATO – including Poland and the UK as key allies – can influence the European and transatlantic security cooperation and the responses to future threats. Further details about topics of the essays, rules of the contest and formal requirements can be found on British Embassy Warsaw’s website: The winning essay will be published on British Embassy Warsaw’s website and social […]

Apply for the Academy of Young Diplomats!

The European Academy of Diplomacy is now accepting applications for the Academy of Young Diplomats, the top-tier postgraduate diplomatic program, which empowers a new generation of global leaders! An innovative annual training experience, ending with an Executive Diploma in the Art of Diplomacy (EDAD). The Program is known for its world-class faculty, practitioner-oriented approach and a network of more than 3000 graduates from over 60 countries. It is also accredited with the Ministry of Education of Poland. A selected cohort of approximately 100 promising talents from around the world will take part in over 140 hours of lectures, workshops, practical exercises, study-visits, and personal leadership development groups. The participants of […]

General Andrzej Fałkowski joins the Casimir Pulaski Foundation as an expert

We have the pleasure to announce that General Andrzej Fałkowski joined the Casimir Pulaski Foundation as a Senior Fellow. Andrzej Fałkowski is a Lieutenant General (Ret.) and Doctor of Economics. He is a Former Polish Military Representative to NATO and the EU Military Committees in Brussels, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces (DCHoD), Defence, Military, Naval and Air Attaché in Washington D.C., Director of the Logistics and Resources Division of the NATO International Military Staff in Brussels, Director of the MoD Budget Department as well as Deputy Chief of General Directorate of Strategic Planning (J-5) in the General Staff of the PAF.

SAVE THE DATE: Warsaw Security Forum on 2nd – 3rd of October 2019

The 2019 edition of the Warsaw Security Forum (WSF) is scheduled to take place on October 2nd and 3rd in Warsaw. One year – 4 anniversaries. 70 years after the North Atlantic Treaty was signed and NATO was founded, 20 years of Poland in NATO, 15 years of Poland in the European Union, and 10 years since the Eastern Partnership project was launched. The 2019 edition of the Warsaw Security Forum will focus not only on commemorating important anniversaries for Poland and its allies – but it will also aim to draw the conclusions and envision the way forward. As experts and the representatives of the public administration, military, and international […]

Management during the energy crisis – a simulation of the Pulaski Foundation as a part of a project sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund

On January 16-17, 2019, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation organised a simulation entitled “Energy Crisis Management Simulation”, focusing on the state level energy sector crisis management. 15 participants (from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine) took part in this project, which is being carried out in cooperation with the International Visegrad Fund. Participants were divided into five teams representing individual countries. Each country had its own goals and national interests that had to be realised. Interests of different states were not known to other participants. The purpose of this simulation was to reach an agreement within an energy crisis, that would be acceptable to all parties. Before starting the […]

On desinformation of the margin of Warsaw Security Forum

Discussions about foreign propaganda, disinformation and misinformation remain at the heart of the political debate in the European Union (EU) and across the transatlantic area. In the context of on-going disinformation campaigns targeting our democratic societies, National Endowment for Democracy, in collaboration with the Beacon Project of the International Republican Institute (IRI), the Centre for Propaganda and Disinformation Analysis and the Casimir Pulaski Foundation held a conference dedicated to strengthening a networked response, addressing disinformation and its causes on both the transatlantic and the national level. The conference was a side event of the Warsaw Security Forum 2018. The conference started with a panel entitled “A Networked response to Disinformation” […]

European defense programs, NATO adaptation to the Russian threat and balance sheet of U.S. Allies – new reports presented at Warsaw Security Forum 2018

At the Warsaw Security Forum 2018 the Casimir Pulaski Foundation presented three new reports: „European offensive in defense sphere – EDF, PESCO and CARD”, „From Newport to Brussels – NATO adaptation to the Russian threat” and „Balance Sheet of U.S. Allies and Implication for Alliance Policy”. All reports are available on the Pulaski Foundations websites. „European offensive in defense sphere – EDF, PESCO and CARD” report is an analysis of three programs (EDF, PESCO and CARD) of the new EU defense package. Since the initiatives that are now coming into force are closely related, they should undergo joint assessment. The report indicates the connection between the European Defense Fund, Permanent […]

Warsaw is the capital of international security – 2018 Warsaw Security Forum concludes

State of the transatlantic relations, future of NATO, place of Central and Eastern Europe within the global security architecture – are just a few of issues touched upon during this year’s Warsaw Security Forum, which took place on October 24 and 25, 2018. Participating in the Conference were over 20 former and current heads of states, prime ministers and ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence from around the world, as well as over 1200 experts, representatives of governments, armed forces and high level representatives of business and industry. This year’s Warsaw Security Forum was organized with three numbers in mind – 5, 15 and 100, with each underscoring an overarching […]

Warsaw Security Forum 2018 | #WSF2018

In October 2018 Warsaw will once again host most prominent heads of states, military representatives and experts in the fields of foreign policy, security and defence. This year the Warsaw Security Forum (WSF) will be held on 24 – 25 October, for the 5th consecutive year. Warsaw Security Forum is organised by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. The upcoming edition of WSF just like in previous years will focus on fundamental challenges to be addressed by NATO, the European Union and Eastern Partnership as well as both organiations’ member states. The scope of topics will encompass international relations and cooperation between states as well as security issues putting pressure on security […]

Pulaski Foundation’s scholarships for the Academy of Young Diplomats

APPLY FOR CASIMIR PULASKI FOUNDATION’S SCHOLARSHIPS! CLICK HERE The Casimir Pulaski Foundation offers fully funded scholarship covering the Academy of Young Diplomats #AYD – annual diplomatic program for emerging global leaders founded by the European Academy of Diplomacy. The Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD) is an annual diplomatic program for emerging young global leaders, preparing future diplomats, civil servants and social entrepreneurs for international careers in a spirit of responsibility for the surrounding world. Addressed to senior students and young graduates, the program offers, among others, 70-hours of hands-on diplomatic training, a special workshop session, study visits and one study-session outside of Warsaw. Since 2004 over 2800 participants from 60 countries have graduated from the Academy of […]

The presentation of the report “Organized crime and Terrorism in Poland – Threats and Convergence”

The presentation of the report “Organized crime and Terrorism in Poland – Threats and Convergence” took place in Warsaw, Poland on the 24th of July. The meeting was a result of cooperation between the Collegium Civitas University Centre for Research on Terrorism and the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. The seminar served as a starting point for the discussion on the preliminary report investigating the links between terrorism and organised crime in Poland, the risks posed by this conflation, and just as importantly developing a series of recommendations for mitigating those threats. The report is a part of the Crime and Terror Nexus project, which will produce a series of 28 such […]

Roundtable meeting “Strategy for the energy crisis communication” in Kiev

On July 2nd, a roundtable meeting “Strategy for the energy crisis communication” was held at the office of Hennadii Udovenko of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine. It was the third workshop of the “Energy security and effective strategic communication the civil and governmental actors: V4+Ukraine” project, sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund. The project is a collaborative effort of think tanks based in Visegrad 4 countries and Ukraine based: Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Poland ( Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Slovakia ( KNO Czech, the Czech Republic ( Center for Global Studies Strategy XXI, Ukraine ( Center for Fair Political Analysis, Hungary ( During the event experts from Casimir Pulaski […]

Roundtable “Strategies for the energy crisis communication”

It is our pleasure to announce the Roundtable discussion “Strategies for the energy crisis communication” that will take place in Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine in Kiev on 2nd of July 2018. During the event Dr. Natalia Slobodian will introduce the report “Making crisis simulation matters” focusing on the results of deep interview with stakeholders from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Poland. Crisis simulations can be an effective tool for risk management, but for it to be properly done, it requires scrupulous preparation. An effective crisis simulation puts the organization to a stringent test, whether or not the scenario represents the worst case. It demands numerous responses to one question. Additionally, Dr. Natalia Slobodian will […]

Crisis on the Baltic Sea – Balt Military Expo wargame

On June 26th 2018, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, in cooperation with the National Security Bureau of the Republic of Poland and Międzynarodowe Targi Gdanskie (International Gdansk Expo) organised a computer assisted wargame. The simulation took place during the Balt Military Expo 2018. Participating in the simulation were representatives of the National Security Bureau, led by the deputy head of the Bureau, Minister Dariusz Gwizdała, Head of the Armed Forces Supervision Department brig. Gen Jarosław Kraszewski, Chairman of the Parliamentary Defence Commission Michał Jach, MP Bartosz Kownacki, staff from the 8th Coastal Defence Flotilla, Navy Inspectorate, Polish Naval Academy, as well as experts from the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and other analytical […]

Successful launching of the Global Leader.PL Polish International Experts Congress

On June 8th and 9th, an inaugural edition of the Global Leader.PL Polish International Experts Congress took place in Warsaw, Poland. The Congress has amassed an audience of over 250 professionals with a background in international organisations, business, academia and civil society, as well as more than 50 experts working in the EU institutions in Brussels, and 20 current and former Polish ambassadors. Also present during the Congress were the guests of honor, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz, deputy-minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin, the Polish ombudsman Adam Bodnar, and Marek Prawda, Head of the European Commisson Representation in Poland. The guests […]

Second workshop in the project “Energy security and effective strategic communication the civil and governmental actors: V4+Ukraine”

The roundtable meeting “Energy crisis management: decision-makers and civil society” was held on May 24, 2018 in the office of International Visegrad Fund. It was the second workshop in the project “Energy security and effective strategic communication the civil and governmental actors: V4+Ukraine” supported by International Visegrad Fund. The project constitutes cooperation between Visegrad and Ukrainian think tanks: Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Poland ( Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Slovakia ( KNO Czech, the Czech Republic ( Center for Global Studies Strategy XXI, Ukraine ( Center for Fair Political Analysis, Hungary ( During the event experts from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Poland presented the cross-country evaluation […]

Warsaw Security Forum and International Defence Industry Exhibition become partner events – signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and Kielce Expo

We are pleased to announce, that the Casimir Pulaski Foundaion, and the Kielce Expo have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the cooperation between Warsaw Security Forum – one of Central and Eastern Europe’s most prominent conferences devoted to issues of international security – and the International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) – one of three largest European defence industry exhibitions. “We are very proud that the two largest of its kind events in Poland have kick-started their official cooperation” – said Zbigniew Pisarski, Chairman of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. “Metaphorically speaking, the spirit of this cooperation can be best surmised by the “from a contact to a contract” formula” - […]

Warsaw Security Forum 2018 – Military Attachés Briefing 

On Wednesday 16th of May, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation hosted military attachés based in Poland. The meeting was attended by over 20 military attachés, who got acquainted with the current activity of the Foundation, among others with the Security and Defense Program. The preliminary agenda of the  Warsaw Security Forum 2018 – a flagship conference organized by the Foundation has also been presented, along with a discussion of its main goals and possibilities of engagement within the Diplomatic Partnership. The key element of the meeting was a summary of the current and very fruitful cooperation between military attachés and the Casmir Pulaski Foundation. It was the second meeting within the Warsaw Security Forum – Military […] – Polish International Experts Congress 2018

On June 8th and 9th 2018, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation will organize the Polish International Experts Congress. The Congress is to serve as a meeting place for the Poles working in international institutions, think tanks, analytical centers, Universities, and commercial entities, therefore fostering the discussion on a multidimensional approach to Poland’s security policy, economic cooperation, as well as promotion of human rights. Among key questions posed during the Congress will be those related to promoting Polish experts and leaders working in international institutions, private sector, NGO’s, fostering communications and cooperation between Polish expats working in a professional environment, as well as defining and setting priorities for the development of Poland’s […]

Seminar “Energy crisis management: decision-makers and civil society”

On 24th of May 2018, Casimir Pulaski Foundation and Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association will host a roundtable discussion regarding Energy Crisis Communication “Energy crisis management: decision-makers and civil society”. During the event experts from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Poland will present the cross-border evaluation of the results of deep interviews they have conducted with decision-makers and stakeholders in their states. Participants of project from Slovakia and Poland will introduce the structure of energy crisis communication in their countries as well as the platform of energy crisis communication between experts. In addition, issues of information policy will be discussed on the meeting.  The roundtable will […]

Diplomatic Meeting in the Embassy of Estonia

It is our pleasure to inform that on 21st of May 2018 second Diplomatic Meeting will take place, hosted by the Embassy of Estonia. The meeting will be an exceptional occasion to discuss role cybersecurity and involvement of women in the security in cyberspace. We will debate the main opportunities and challenges for women pursuing this track of the career. Special guest of the meeting is Mrs. Tiia Sõmer, expert on cybersecurity from Tallinna Technological University with years of experience in military and diplomacy. The meeting will be opened by Dr. Anna Tiido, spouse of the H.E. Harri Tiido, Ambassador of Estonia to Poland.

WIIS diplomatic meeting in the Embassy of Canada

On 10th of May we had pleasure to organize first event in the format of Diplomatic Meeting o WIIS Poland hosted by the Embassy of Canada. Special guests of the meetings were LtCol. Beata Targońska and Mjr. Joanna Jaworska from Council on Women’s Affairs from Ministry of Defense, and Mjr. Andrew Straatsma and Major Rhea MacLean Gender Advisor to Commander Task Force Latvia from Canadian military deployment to Latvia within NATO Enhanced Forward Presence. The meeting was an exquisite opportunity to discuss the role of women in the uniformed services of Poland and Canada and to exchange experience regarding women serving on the international missions. Chargé d’affaires of Embassy of […]

Characteristic of Naval operations in the Baltic Sea and modernisation priorities of the Polish Navy – expert panel held at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation.

Priorities for the Polish Navy, as well as specificity of naval operations in shallow and semi enclosed seas such as the Baltic Sea, were the key topics of a debate organised by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. A talk by professor Milan Vego, lecturer at the US Naval War College constituted a focal point of the panel. Also participating in the event were the CPF experts, journalists specialising in defense matters, as well as retired senior officers of the Polish Navy. Professor Vego specializes in naval conflicts fought in shallow seas such as the Baltic, and has provided the attendees with an overview of naval operations in the Baltic Sea, including […]

Experts from V4 and Ukraine discussed strategic communication in regard to energy security

On 25th of April 2018, Casimir Pulaski Foundation hosted a roundtable discussion regarding Energy Security “Dialogue between civil and governmental actors on energy security”. During the event experts from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Poland presented results of interviews they have conveyed with decision-makers and stakeholders in their states in regard to communication about energy security. According to the research of the experts from Visegrad states and Ukraine, strategic communication in regard to energy security is mainly initiated by energy companies and Third sector actors despite the main responsibility that lies on the governments. Experts have indicated need to establish standards for the strategic communication that will be verified […]

„Two sides of the Ukrainian War” – conference at the Warsaw School of Economics

On April 23rd, a conference entitled „Two sides of the Ukrainian War: is attaining a victory possible, and why is it paramount for the European Union” was held at the Warsaw School of Economics. The event was organised by the Foreign Affairs Department of the Warsaw School of Economics, the International Relations Students Research Group of the WSE, and was held under the patronage of the Casimir Pułaski Foundation. In the course of two panel discussions, speakers discussed the current situation in the Donbas region of Ukraine, including how it has changed during the past 4 years. Issues of anti-corruption measures undertaken by the Ukrainian authorities and bolstering and developing […]

Warsaw Security Forum 2018 under the “Niepodległa” multi-year programme banner

We are pleased to announce that the Warsaw Security Forum 2018 Conference has received the permission to use the visual identity brand “Niepodległa” (“Independent”), and therefore will be partial to the centennial anniversary of Poland regaining independence. The “Niepodległa” bureau is a governmental institution responsible for coordinating celebrations surrounding the centennial anniversary of Poland’s independence, in accordance with the “Independent” Multi-year Governmental Programme.

Industrial-Scientific symposium „Managing defence industry enterprises”.

On April 21st, the Command and Management Faculty of the Warsaw War Studies Academy, in cooperation with the Casimir Pułaski Foundation has organized the first industrial-scientific symposium, which in itself is a part of the post-graduate “Management of a military industry enterprise” programme. The goal of the seminar was to present the factors influencing the management of companies within the arms industry sector. Taking part in the event were Col. Karol Dymanowski, Director of the Armament Policy Department, Col. Ryszard Lewiński, Head of the Scientific Research Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Defence, ABW (Internal Security Agency) officer Bartosz Orlicz-Rabiega. The Casimir Pułaski Foundation was represented by Mr Tomasz Smura, […]

„Dialogue between civil and governmental actors on energy security” – Energy security symposium”

On April 25th, the Casimir Pułaski Foundation will host an expert seminar on energy security issues, titled “Dialogue between civil and governmental actors on energy security”. In the course of the seminar, experts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland will brief those in attendance on the interviews conducted with policymakers and stakeholders, regarding the energy security framework. The seminar will take place on April 25th, at the Casimir Pułaski headquarters, between 8:30AM and 5:30PM. Agenda of the seminar includes presentation of the research findings, followed by a discussion. Seminar is a part of the „Energy security and effective strategic communication the civil and governmental actors: V4+Ukraine” project, […]

“Priorities of NATO and Poland ahead of the Alliance’s Summit in Brussels” – discussion at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation HQ.

On April 4th, an expert seminar was held at the Casimir Pułaski, entitled „Polish priorities ahead of the Brussels NATO summit”. The objective of the meeting was to discuss key issues and priorities to be raised by Poland during the NATO summit in Brussels, that would encompass both the political and military dimension. The NATO take on the issue was presented by Mr Robert Pszczel who is a Senior Officer at the Alliance’s Public Diplomacy Division. Polish priorities were laid out in presenations delivered by Mr Przemysław Pacuła, who is a Head of the Allied Security Department of the Bureau of National Security, Mr Michał Baranowski – Head of the […]

Review of offers in “Kruk” attack helicopter acquisition programme: seminar AH-64E Apache Guardian

On March 22nd, 2018, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation held a second in the series of seminars devoted to presenting entries to the “Kruk” attack helicopter program. “Kruk” is one of the key procurement programs of the Polish Armed Forces, crucial from the standpoint of Poland’s future security architecture. The latest seminar was centered around AH-64E Apache Guardian –  the Boeing Company offer. The event gathered top-level  Polish stakeholders, including senior representatives of the Air Forces Inspectorate, I3TO (New Technologies Implementation Inspectorate), as well as representatives of the Boeing Company and the Pulaski Foundation experts. Throughout the day, participants discussed technical details of the Apache, as well as specific requirements of […]

The Casimir Pulaski Foundation expert, Witold Repetowicz presented with the Kazimierz Dziewanowski Award of the Polish Journalist Association (Stowarzyszenie Dziennikarzy Polskich – SDP).

For the 25th time, the Management Board of the Polish Journalist Association (SDP) awarded its SDP and SDP Laurel prizes. Among this year’s laureates was the Casimir Pulaski Foundation expert Witold Repetowicz, who received the Kazimierz Dziewanowski prize for his “Malaise and hope” and Syria reportage (Polish Press Agency English News Service). The Freedom of Speech Prize, awarded for publishing materials in defence of democracy, rule of law, and those revealing power abuse, corruption, as well as human, civil and political rights violations were awarded to Michał Król and Maciej Grabys for their “Forgotten persecuted – Free Asia Bibi” reportage, and priest Roman Sikoń and Michał Król for the “Prayer […]

Inauguration of Women in International Security Poland

On 20th of March 2018 in the building of Senat, higher chamber of the Polish Parliament we had the opportunity to host the inauguration session of WIIS Poland. WIIS Poland is an affiliate of an international organisation that aims at empowering women invested in the fields of security and international relations, and supporting their professional and academic development. The event had the support of Minister Anna Maria Anders, Secretary of State in the Chancellery of Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for the international dialogue, and Minister Renata Szczęch, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. Minister Anders in her speech has underlined the […]

International Weimar Fund

For over twenty years, the Weimar Triangle has been a prolific platform for cooperation between three European states – Poland, France and Germany. Initially, the Weimar Triangle was created in order to smooth out the divisions between the “Old and New” Europe – today however it has become an important tool in strengthening the European unity. We are of the opinion, that the dormant potential of the Weimar Formula remains unutilised. By uniting three major European states which represent three great European traditions, it could become an engine of European integration as well as a source of  ideas, and long term solutions for the entire European Union. In order to achieve […]

In spite of rising political tensions, Poles’ support for the alliance with the USA is on the rise – presentation of the Pulaski Foundation and the Selectivv report on the opinion of the Polish public about the Polish foreign policy

Almost half of respondents describe their attitude towards the United States as very positive – interestingly, this ratio is over 12% higher than in January this year – is a result of a public opinion polls on Polish foreign policy prepared by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and the Selectivv company. The full report was unveiled during a press conference held on March 19 at the Foundation’s headquarters in Warsaw. The goal of the study was to analyse the attitude of Poles to issues pertinent to the Polish foreign policy, international security and diplomatic relations with other states. The respondents were asked what they perceive to be the greatest threat to […]

Partnership development between the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and the Geopolitical Futures

We are delighted to announce, that we are proceeding with the implementation of Memorandum of Understanding between the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, and Geopolitical Futures, a geopolitical forecasting company based in Austin, Texas. GPF’s founder and CEO is Mr. George Friedman, world-renown analyst, academic and an expert in international affairs. In his research, Mr. Friedman has been focusing on Eastern Europe, in particular role played by Poland in defining the shape of international order on the European continent. The most immediate result of our cooperation will be republishing of some of the GeopoliticalFutures articles on our webpage – however we are envisioning a far reaching cooperation in terms or research, strategic […]

The inauguration meeting of Women in International Security Poland

The inauguration meeting of Women in International Security Poland (WIIS Poland) will take place on 20th of March 2018. WIIS Poland is a Polish affiliate of the global organisation which goal is to support professional and academic development of women in fields of security and international relations. Inauguration will be hosted in Senate, higher chamber of Polish parliament, and the guest of honour will be Minister Anna Maria Anders, Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for the International Dialogue. Activities of WIIS Poland are conducted by Casimir Pulaski Foundation. WIIS Poland organises its activities along the main aim which is […]

Investment, innovation, deepening economic cooperation – a summary of the Polish-American Leadership Summit: Poland Investment Zone

“The time has come for the narrative regarding Polish-American relations to shift; it should not focus exclusively on security, but also encompass economic cooperation, which is where both of our countries have a lot to offer”  - said the Polish Investment and Development Minister Jerzy Kwieciński during an opening ceremony of the first annual Polish-American Leadership Summit (#PALS), co-organized by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. The conference was attended by Polish and American government officials, representatives of business, and non-governmental organizations. The conference was dedicated to promoting economic cooperation in the fields of defence, energy and industry. The Forum, which took place between February 9th and 11th in Miami Florida, was […]

Casimir Pulaski Foundation staff visits the NATO Joint Forces Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland

On Febraury 15th 2018, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation delegation visited the Joint Forces Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland. JFTC is one of the key NATO training centres in Europe, and is involved in an extensive spectrum of activities, focusing predominantly on joint and combined training on a tactical, and operational level. JFTC was founded in 2004, and is one of the two NATO training centres located in Europe (the other one is the Joint Warfare Centre, situated in Stavenger, Norway). JFTC boasts an Modelling and Simulation (M&S) capability, allowing for organising and conducting cutting edge wargaming simulations. The JFTC representation included: deputy Commander of the JFTC Brigadier General Ladislav […]

Novelties and future projects – Casimir Pulaski Foundation’s new year’s meeting

On January 18th 2018 the Casimir Pulaski Foundation organised a new year’s meeting for people and institutions associated with the Foundation. The meeting summarised last year initiatives and unveiled principal Foundation’s projects for 2018. Zbigniew Pisarski, Casimir Pulaski Foundation’s President of the Board, in his first words expressed his gratitude to community of employees, experts and institutions, who support the organisation’s activities. “Thankfully to your engagement, the Foundation can continually develop its undertakings, including analytical, consulting and expertise for domestic decision-makers upon security and defence subjects” – he mentioned. First part of the meeting was dedicated to recent top initiatives such as the Warsaw Security Forum, Baltic Sea Security Conference […]

Seminar: “Poland toward NATO’s out of area missions”

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Mary Robinson – „Knight of Freedom” of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation

On 2nd December 2017  the Casimir Pulaski Foundation presented the Knight of Freedom award to Mary Robinson, President of Ireland (1990 – 1997) and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997 – 2000). “Robinson received the award for his uncompromising  fight for human rights and universal values” – said Zbigniew Pisarski, President of the Pulaski Foundation. H.E. Mary Robinson before receiving the Knight of Freedom Award delivered a speech in which she deeply thanked for inviting her as this is not her first visit to Poland. ‘I had the pleasure to visit Poland in 1994 to meet with President Wałęsa. I remember that during my visit I learned about your pride […]

Warsaw Security Forum concluded

As in the past, this November the Casimir Pulaski Foundation had the pleasure to organize the fourth edition of the Warsaw Security Forum. The event took place in Warsaw's Double Tree by Hilton Hotel between November 8th and 9th . Like in previous years, the 2017 WSF Conference gathered key policy makers, industry leaders, as well as military and civilian experts from around the world in order to discuss events, trends, as well as opportunities and challenges lying ahead for the Transatlantic Community. This years' edition of the WSF gathered a record breaking audience of over 1000 guests, including 120 speakers from Europe, North America and Asia. Among many of […]

Recruitment for the Academy of Young Diplomats

European Academy of Diplomacy accepts applications for the 14th edition of the Academy of Young Diplomats - annual diplomatic program for emerging young global leaders. If you are at least 20 years old, speak English fluently and are a student or graduate of university - apply today! Visit EAD website and submit your application: Academy of Young Diplomats equals unique methodology, experienced lecturers and engaged participants. Applications are accepted until November 12th.

The meeting of WSF organising committee with military attachés in Poland

Within the frameworks of prepartion process to the 4th edition of Warsaw Security Forum the WSF organising committee hosted in Pulaski Foundation office military attachés based in Poland. During the meeting detailed programme and main goals of the conference were presented.  The Warsaw Security Forum addresses these issues through an international gathering of experts who specialize in security. Its purpose is to exchange professional experiences as well as to present solutions to complex regional security challenges confronting the Central and Eastern European region. The two day forum will consist of numerous plenary sessions dedicated to security issues, particularly those related to the future of NATO; the Common Security and Defence […]

Meeting with the Minister for European Integration and Euro-Atlantic Georgia, Victor Dolidze at the Pulaski Foundation

On the 29 of September 2017 at the headquarters of the Pulaski Foundation a round-table meeting took place with the Georgian Minister of European & Euro-Atlantic Integration – Mr. Victor Dolidze. President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation Zbigniew Pisarski, opened the meeting by greeting the guest, who in his career had not only been frequently close to Polish issues but also had been instrumental in establishing visa-free transit between Georgia and the EU. Mr. Dolidze also underlined the prevailing consensus in Poland about the support of the Western ideals in Tbilisi’s politics. The Minister began the meeting with the presentation on ‘The New Information Environment and the role of Strategic […]

A war game involving NATO commanders and civilian experts

Between September 12th and 14th 2017, a war game entitled Air-Land Battle on NATO's Eastern Flank took place in Warsaw, co-organized by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation and the Potomac Foundation. The game was designed to simulate a potential conflict in Central and Eastern Europe involving Poland and other NATO countries. The simulation itself was designed in order to investigate the potential course of the conflict, the ability to stop aggression on Poland, and a subsequent analysis of possible problems in co-operation between Polish and NATO forces. The war game itself run almost in parallel with the Russian Zapad 2017  military exercises and was, in some ways, an attempt to answer […]

Pulaski on Debating Security Plus conference: Expert Marcin Bużański will chair a session on EU responses to crises in the Neighborhood

As part of the global online brainstorm Debating Security Plus, organised in 26-28 September 2017 by Friends of Europe, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation will host a Rapid Fire Chat titled, “Complimentary or contradictory? EU responses to crises in its broad neighbourhood.” It is a fully online conference – in order to participate in the panel discussions and Rapid Fire Chats, experts and other persons with interest in security should register using the website Individuals should then click the “Sign Up” hyperlink in the upper-right corner. The chat system will be launched on the 26th of September, and participants will be able to join specific panels immediately before the discussions begin. The only working language for the conference is English. The session […]

Review of offers in “Kruk” attack helicopter acquisition programme: seminar I AH-1Z Viper

On 19th of September 2017 Casimir Pulaski Foundation organized the very first out of a series of seminars dedicated to the future of a new attack helicopter program of the Polish Armed Forces. The first seminar was centered around experiences of the United States Marine Corps in operating the H-1 helicopter Platform. AH-1Z Viper is one of competitors in the Polish “Kruk” (Raven) assault helicopter acquisition program. Future seminars will be dedicated to other entries to the Kruk program – Boeing (AH-64E), Airbus (Tiger HAD), and Turkish Aerospace Industries (ATAK). Among the guests were: the director of the Marine Corps attack helicopter program, and an AH-1Z test pilot Col. David […]

Press Briefing: “Zapad’17 exercise is a training for an invasion; even though an actual conflict is unlikely, ithas to be taken seriously”.

Zapad exercise will be a training for an invasion – even though the conflict itself is unlikely to materialize at this point in time, it should not be taken lightly – said Phillip Petersen, vice-President of the Potomac Foundation. Mr Petersen expressed his satisfaction with the fact that NATO forces will conduct military drills on their own in parallel with the Russian exercises. „What Russians are doing is a preparation of sorts for an invasion on the Baltic states and Poland. The exercise alone does not mean that they will follow through with an actual military action, but it does mean that we should take this possibility very seriously” said […]

What is the Territorial Defense Forces potential? The War Game with the participation of NATO and EU commanders and experts

On September 12-14 this year, the Casimir Pulaski Foundation in collaboration with the Potomac Foundation organizes the HEGEMON platform War Game, called “The Air-Land Battle on NATO’s Eastern Flank”. Among the participants of the event will be the representatives of NATO and EU forces as well as military experts. The Game wil assess the effectiveness of the newly formed Polish Territorial Defense Forces. The War Game will be played in the context of the upcoming maneuvers related to Zapad (West) 2017. The purpose of the simulation is to understand the nature of military threat from Russia to the countries of NATO’s Eastern Flank. Being organized in September this year, the HEGEMON […]