Sławomir Nowotny

Sławomir Nowotny

Sociologist, social researcher and consultant in the field of opinion, market and media research. Graduated from the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University.


Sociologist, social researcher and consultant in the field of opinion, market and media research. Graduated from the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University. One of the pioneers of the Polish research industry: co-founder and president of the first private research company in Poland DEMOSKOP (1989-2001) and the Polish Association of Public Opinion and Marketing Research Firms (OFBOR), where he was the chair of the committee for professional liability and implemented Polish version of ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics. Former chairman of consumer research expert team in the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, senior research fellow, methodological expert and research director in several institutions: Polish Association EURATOM – IFPiLM  (program Socio-Economic Research on Fusion, a part of the European Fusion Development Agreement), Polish Readership Research Ltd., Polish Sociological Association, Educational Research Institute, Military Centre for Civic Education. Recently active as research specialist in the Institute for Catholic Church Statistics. Since 1990 member of the Advisory Committee for Social Research at the Office of Prime Minister. Has comprehensive experience in planning, managing and consulting social research projects of various kinds. Academic lecturer and trainer promoting principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Expert evaluator at the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission and the National Freedom Institute.

Publications (selected):

  1. Opinia publiczna, w: Encyklopedia socjologii, t. 3 [Public opinion, an article in Encyclopaedia of Sociology, vol. 3], Oficyna Naukowa 2000;
  2. Wizerunek trzeciego sektora w opinii publicznej [Public opinion view of the third sector], in: „Trzeci Sektor” [“Third Sector”] 2006;
  3. Energetyka termojądrowa w Polsce – opinie badaczy o jej stanie i perspektywach rozwoju (raport z badania ilościowego) [Fusion energy in Poland – researchers’ opinions on its state and development perspectives (report from a quantitative research)], in: Foresight dla energetyki termojądrowej. Opracowania i ekspertyzy [Foresight for fusion energy. Research and expert reports], Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion, Warsaw 2009;
  4. Statystyczny obraz religijności społeczeństwa polskiego i szkolnej edukacji religijnej (wspólnie z Krzysztofem Bulkowskim i Wojciechem Sadłoniem) [The statistical landscape of religiousness of the Polish socjety (co-authors: K. Bulkowski, W. Sadłoń), in: Nauczanie religii w szkole w latach 1990–2015 wobec zadań katechezy [Religion school education in years 1990–2015 in relation to the catechetical tasks], Aneta Rayzacher-Majewska, Rafał Bednarczyk (ed.), UKSW, Warsaw 2015
  5. Po co armii socjologia? Próba odpowiedzi na przykładzie formowania Wojsk Obrony Terytorialnej w Polsce [Why does army need sociology? The case of forming Teritorial Defence Forces in Poland] in: „Bezpieczeństwo Obronność Socjologia” [“Security Defense Sociology”], WCEO, Warsaw 2017.

Place of residence: Warsaw


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