Intellectual freedom and cooperation with partners & sponsors policy

At the Pulaski Foundation, we strongly believe that the activities of NGOs must be based on solid ethical pillars, without which it is impossible to effectively support the development of civil society. Since its inception, the Pulaski Foundation has been involved in the implementation of numerous social and research projects. The Pulaski Foundation also responds to the needs of government administration by organizing expert seminars and international conferences, which provide a platform for dialogue between representatives of the public sector, businesses and NGOs. In our opinion, the transparency of NGOs’ activities and the objectivity of the publications they produce are essential for building mutual trust between the administration and the third sector.

Ethical values underpinning the activities of the Pulaski Foundation

  • Independence. This is a priority value and the basis of the Foundation’s activities. The projects implemented by the Foundation are primarily aimed at supporting civil society and developing objective recommendations for decision-makers.
  • Objectivity. The analyses prepared by the Foundation must meet a number of criteria, which are verified by a panel of independent experts who cooperate with the Foundation. The Foundation’s publications and the events it organizes are intended to fulfill the Foundation’s mission, to present the state of the facts and to present a variety of views in a given area.
  • Non-partisanship and worldview neutrality. The Foundation has no affiliation with any political party. Evaluations of the actions of Polish decision-makers in areas that belong to the areas covered by the Foundation’s research are devoid of political overtones and are based solely on factual considerations. Theses expressed in public by experts cooperating with the Foundation, within the framework of the projects implemented by the Foundation, cannot harm the principles adopted by the Foundation. The Foundation is not responsible for the private views of experts.
  • Respect and openness to dialogue.  The Foundation respects all views and opinions expressed within the limits of the law and freedom of speech. The Foundation invites people representing different political views and worldviews to dialogue and participate in its events.
  • Reliability. The arguments formulated in the studies published by the Foundation are based on verified, publicly available sources. The highest quality of publications is ensured by the publishing process adopted at the Foundation, which includes consultations with experts and the academic community, as well as approval of key documents and publications by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. In projects implemented by the Foundation, we take care to prevent conflicts of interest.
  • Responsibility. All activities of the Foundation are aimed at the implementation of the statutory provisions, i.e. activities for the development of civil society and the development of independent expertise, which includes implementable solutions and recommendations for public administration.
  • Transparency.  The Foundation bases its activities on full transparency in its activities and financing. The substantive and financial reports of the Foundation are available to the public.