Casimir Pulaski Foundation in the face of the war in Ukraine

Casimir Pulaski Foundation in the face of the war in Ukraine

Providing assistance to activists from Ukrainian non-governmental organizations, supporting the activities of the newly established International Center for Ukrainian Victory and the organization of 2022 edition of the Warsaw Security Forum… those are the three most important priorities of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Since February 24th the Foundation uses its experience to support Ukrainian NGOs while simultaneously planning this year’s edition of the Warsaw Security Forum.

Since Russia’s illegal aggression against Ukraine, the eyes of the whole world have been focused on the tragedy we are witnessing. Within a month, 10 million Ukrainians had to leave their homes, with almost three million fleeing to Poland in search of a safe haven. With the Russian aggression, the Ukrainians’ immediate plans changed rapidly and affected not only individuals but also non-governmental organizations.

Foundation in the face of war

From the first day of the war, the Foundation focused on helping activists from the Ukrainian third sector. In addition to providing accommodation and care for their families, it was necessary to ensure that activists could restart their mission in Poland and assure as many advocacy oppurtinies as possible. Since the first days of their presence in Poland Ukrainian activists constantly sought international support for Ukraine in meetings with politicians from around the world – among others with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, representatives of the German Bundestag, the U.S Congress and Polish and European ministers and parliamentarians.

Humanitarian aid

In addition to the advocacy assistance offered to specific organizations, the Foundation also decided to organize transports of the most needed aid for Ukrainians fighting the Russian invasion in the first days of the war. The Foundation’s employees invested their funds, time and determination to organize medications and non- lethal military equipment. Until other organizations were able to coordinate large-scale aid, the materials purchased by the Foundation were sent to Kyiv and helped save the lives of many soldiers fighting for Ukraine’s independence.

International Center for Ukranian Victory

On the seventh day of Russia’s aggression – on March 4th – the International Center for Ukrainian Victory inaugurated its activity in Warsaw. Its purpose is to advocate for more military assistance to Ukraine, to expand sanctions against Russia and Putin’s inner oligarchs, to document Russian war crimes and to advocate for solving humanitarian issues caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Center is also focusing its work on creating a plan (known as the “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine) for the post-war reconstruction, transformation and Ukraine’s accession to the EU (more information –

A unique edition of the Warsaw Security Forum

Currently – after ensuring the conditions for the functioning of the International Center for Ukrainian Victory – the Casimir Pulaski Foundation focuses on the organization of the 2022 Warsaw Security Forum. A priority in the context of the Russian aggression against Ukraine is to adjust the topics of discussion and to ensure the presence of representatives of the international diplomatic environment. The Foundation’s ambition for this year’s Warsaw Security Forum is to bring concrete results and clear answers to questions about the reasons for Russia’s unprovoked aggression against sovereign Ukraine, and about how to end the war and ensure peace and prosperity in Europe in the near future.

This year’s – ninth – edition of the Warsaw Security Forum will be held on October 4-5.

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