On March 27th the Pulaski Foundation was pleased to host George Friedman, the founder of Geopolitical Futures and long-time advisor to American Military Commanders. In his opinion “Poland is a crucial partner and ally of the US. It is important to keep it that way”. During the meeting that took place in Foundation headquarters present challenges in front of the US and its allies were discussed. President Trump’s Administration is making fundamental revisions of foregoing rules of Transatlantic cooperation. Europe must start a discussion and propose specific solutions which won’t come down to just military spending at 2% of state’s GDP. Potential and actual military capabilities, which Europe is currently developing, are vital.

Within the framework of “Wargaming Studies and Simulations Programme” Pulaski Foundation prepares joint initiatives with Geopolitical Futures.

George Friedman is a leading geopolitician, international strategist and author. He is the founder and CEO of Geopolitical Futures which analyses and foresees the directions of global affairs. Friedman is also a founder of Stratfor.