For over twenty years, the Weimar Triangle has been a prolific platform for cooperation between three European states – Poland, France and Germany. Initially, the Weimar Triangle was created in order to smooth out the divisions between the “Old and New” Europe – today however it has become an important tool in strengthening the European unity. We are of the opinion, that the dormant potential of the Weimar Formula remains unutilised. By uniting three major European states which represent three great European traditions, it could become an engine of European integration as well as a source of  ideas, and long term solutions for the entire European Union.

In order to achieve this objective, the Weimar Triangle formula should be deepened and enhanced. It’s political agenda should be complemented by a grant component – the International Weimar Fund. We believe that the Weimar Triangle governments should take action aimed at inspiring cooperation between the civil society representatives and opinion making circles. One example of a successful endeavor of this kind is a different regional forum, where Poland is represented as well – the Visegrad Group. It’s political activities are supported by the International Visegrad Fund, which provides support to non-governmental initiatives, aimed at boosting regional cooperation. The Weimar Triangle initiative should follow this example.

We therefore postulate establishing of the “International Weimar Fund” during next Weimar Triangle Summit, financed by the governments of Poland, France, and Germany. The financial contribution of these states should at least match the International Visegrad Fund levels (€800 thousand per country during the founding period). In our estimation, this would constitute a real step towards reviving and stimulating the Weimar cooperation. We hope that the Polish government, in cooperation with the President of the Republic of Poland will undertake diplomatic action aimed at convincing the other two partners to this idea, as more robust Weimar Triangle will mean not only a stronger Poland but a stronger Europe as well.