On January 18th 2018 the Casimir Pulaski Foundation organised a new year’s meeting for people and institutions associated with the Foundation. The meeting summarised last year initiatives and unveiled principal Foundation’s projects for 2018.

Zbigniew Pisarski, Casimir Pulaski Foundation’s President of the Board, in his first words expressed his gratitude to community of employees, experts and institutions, who support the organisation’s activities. “Thankfully to your engagement, the Foundation can continually develop its undertakings, including analytical, consulting and expertise for domestic decision-makers upon security and defence subjects” – he mentioned. First part of the meeting was dedicated to recent top initiatives such as the Warsaw Security Forum, Baltic Sea Security Conference or Industrial Defence and Energy Summit to mention just a few. Coming to the end of his speech, Mr Pisarski announced fresh, up-coming projects to be kicked-off in 2018 by or in cooperation with the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, emphasising six of them: Polish – American Leadership Summit, Women in International Security Poland, Global Leaders – Polish Experts on Foreign Affairs Summit, Conference in Brussels, War Games and Simulations and 5th edition of WSF.

The meeting was accompanied by a similar presentation showcasing new ideas and projects to be conducted by the European Academy of Diplomacy.

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