Cybersecurity programme of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation is an answer to an increasing need for in-depth  debate concerning issues such as security of national and international cyberspace.

The main area of the Foundation’s activity in this field is research in terms of the strategic solutions regarding cybersecurity systems as well as indication of the most significant issues and solutions in this matter. Moreover, the goal of the programme is to braoden public debate in order to raise social awareness among Polish citizens, public administration and represenatatives of the private sector concerning threats in cyberspace.





Team & Experts

Małecki Grzegorz

Senior Fellow

Official of polish intelligence and security services, diplomat, colonel, such as the Office for State Protection (UOP), the Internal Security Agency (ABW) and the Foreign Intelligence Agency (AW). In 2016 he was the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Poland.

Andrzej Kozłowski

Research Fellow

PhD candidate at the Faculty of International Studies at the University of Łódź. Graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Łódź.

Joanna Kulesza

Research Fellow

Council of Europe expert on human rights online. Member of the Sino-European Cybersecurity Dialogue (SECD at HCSS) and ICANN NCUC. Assistant professor of international law (University of Lodz, Poland).

Jakub Wezgraj


legal advisor (legal counsel), an expert in the field of protection of personal data, data privacy, confidential business information and information security.