This June, the President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation Zbigniew Pisarski, Member of the CPF Council Dr. Katarzyna Pisarska and the Coordinator of the Defense and Security Program at the CPF, Maciej Kowalski visited Washington DC, fostering trans-Atlantic relations and building lasting ties with governmental, institutional and industrial partners.

President Pisarski and Mr. Kowalski were active on the Capitol Hill, attending the Senate Foreign Relations hearing at the invitation of Senator Cory Booker (D). Mr. Pisarski and Mrs. Pisarska attended both the House and the Senate Subcommittees on Europe. They met with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle, which emphasizes the bipartisan commitment of the United States to the security of Poland and NATO alliance.

Mr. Pisarski, Mrs. Pisarska and Mr. Kowalski convened with leaders of organizations with which Pulaski has cooperated previously or is planning to in the future. Results of these constructive meetings will be measured by new initiatives in the area of research and conferences, set to be announced in the near future.

Among others, the delegation met with:

  • Dick Durbin, U.S. Senator from Illinois, Democratic Whip
  • Cory Booker, U.S. Senator from New Jersey, Member of Committee on Foreign Relations
  • Rachel Ellehuus, Principal Director for European and NATO Policy at the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Gregory Pfelger, Director for Easter Europe, National Security Council
  • Rob Thompson, Director for NATO, National Security Council
  • Michael Carpenter, Senior Director of the Penn Biden Center, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia and Ukraine
  • Ian Brzeziński, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO policy (2001-05)
  • General Ken Todorov, former Deputy Director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency
  • Admiral Brigham McCown, former CEO of the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  • Carl Gershman, President of the National Endowment for Democracy
  • Bridgett Wagner, Senior Vice President for Policy Promotion at The Heritage Foundation
  • Phil Karber President of the Potomac Foundation
  • Glen Howard, President of the Jamestown Foundation
  • Tom Karako, Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS

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