TRISEMINAR: The Future of Submarines in the Polish Navy

TRISEMINAR: The Future of Submarines in the Polish Navy

We are pleased to inform, that the Casimir Pulaski Foundation is going to organize between March and May a series of three seminars on the topic of technological solutions and combat capacities of the conventional submarines offered to Poland under the ”Orka” Programme. The conclusions of the seminar are going to be published in the form of a policy paper and are going to be delivered to the decision-making centres and to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.

The Triseminar aims to present technological solutions and the expertise of navies of the NATO and the European Union countries that are utilizing conventional submarines. Each seminar will be devoted to experiences and systems operating in third countries. Following in March – the German navy, in April – the French navy and in May – the Swedish navy. Apart from presentations combined with capabilities and technologies used in each systems, a discussion is planned with the participation of experts, military officers, media representatives and the academia. After each seminar a report will be prepared regarding each solution in a non-confidential and confidential versions. The first one will be published on the Casimir Pulaski Foundation website and the second will be sent to state entities, such as the Ministry of National Defence, the National Security Bureau and the National Defence Committee of Sejm and Senate of Poland.

Based on sharing experience and presentation of technologies used in submarines, we are planning to set in order and systematize the existing information available among experts and wider public. It will increase the public awareness of a multibillion decision, that is about to happen, to procure conventional submarines for the Polish Navy and thus such an event will play a role of the public control over military spending. The systematization of technical solutions and their publication in a form of a policy paper in a non-confidential (to the public domain) and confidential version along with recommendations (for the government and the Polish Armed Forces) will also serve as a substantial support from the expert communities and NGOs to the decision-making centres.

Triseminar received the honorary patronage from Mr. Michał Jach – the Chairman of the National Defence Committee of the Sejm and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Poland.

All three events will be held in Warsaw and the participation in them will be possible only by invitation.

The series of the three seminars will constitute an element of the Road to the WSF, which has its halfway point reached in the conference Balic Sea Security 2017 planned for the late beginning of July, where a comprehensive presentation of the results of the Triseminar will be presented.

In matters related to the seminar, please contact:

Kamil Mazurek, +48 22 378 11 94, e-mail: