A threat of cyber-attack is included in risks of functioning of both private companies and the public sector. Looking more into modern technology, potential of Internet and increasingly sophisticated social engineering seems that in the near future we will be equally threatened by both cyber-attacks and conventional military operations. Because of these challenges there is a need for interactive and technical training on all levels of companies‘: engineers, administrators and mangers.

CyberGym Europe is a Czech company specializing in cybersecurity services. In 2015 CGE opened the first in Europe arena dedicated to conducting sophisticated cyber-training in the environment assuming military clash between the attackers and defenders. CGE’s target is not only business clients but also the managers supervising state critical infrastructure and policy-makers. The training will last about a week, depending on the group’s standard. In practice, the trained team („the blues“) apart from theoritical part, needs to counter cyber-attacks of the enemy team or expert-hackers of CGE („the reds“). In the process the biggest focus is put on most probable scenarios. That is why well-equipped rooms with systems of industry control or the elements of energy infrastructure are available to the trained team. Additionaly, apart from the typical hackers attacks, „the reds“ often use also the social engineering or the phone calls.

The arena was  not created only for IT experts. Special tasks were given also to the managers (“the whites”), which were supposed to make decisions under the pressure of crisis. The CGE Training was based on 5 pillars: realistic environment (SCADA or PLC systems), tailored case-scenario, professional training, right methodology and exposure to advanced attacks. Know-how of CGE is based on the solutions developed by the headquarter localized in Israel. Nowadays the firm plans to cooperate with state administration and the armed forces The representatives of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation were special guests during the study visit in the arena of CGE, organised by the Prague Security Studies as a part of the “V4 Goes Cyber” project.

Apart from visting CGE, experts of the Casimir Pulaski Fundation: Tomasz Smura and Kamil Gapiński met with the representatives of Czech Ministry of the Interior (departments of IT security), specialists of National Security Agency and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Polish delegation also took part in the roundtable discussion considering the challenges of Visegrad Group in terms of cybersecurity, prepared for students of International Relations.



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