Wargaming Studies and Simulations Programme at the Pulaski Foundation is strictly related to the national security, geostrategy and art of war. The focus is on strategic simulations and wargaming in Poland and abroad closely reflecting the increasingly complicated security environment in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and the Pacific. Since 2016 traditional wargaming and simulations have again become a permanent feature present in sophisticated expert activities in the United States and in Europe. The Pułaski Foundation has joined this effort.

Jacek Bartosiak, PhD, is Director of the Wargaming Studies and Simulations Programme at Pułaski Foundation. Jacek Bartosiak is an expert in geopolitics, military strategy and modern warfare, holds position of Senior Fellow at The Potomac Foundation in Washigton D.C. that is concerned with strategic simulations and wargaming modern operational concepts for the armed forces.

Photo: NATO