Welcome new WIIS Poland Secretary General!

Welcome new WIIS Poland Secretary General!

The Women In International Security (WIIS) Poland Steering Committee is pleased to announce that it has named ProfAleksandra Gasztold as its new Secretary General effective December 1, 2021! Outgoing Secretary-General, Patrycja Kubiak, will remain engaged with the organization as its active member responsible for peace-related projects.

On November 8, 2021, five out of six members of the WIIS Poland Steering Committee and Zbigniew Pisarski (Chairman, Casimir Pulaski Foundation) met to appoint the new Secretary General, and discuss future projects planned for 2022. The online gathering started with short welcoming remarks delivered by Katarzyna Pisarska, Co-Chair of the Warsaw Security Forum, and a short overview of 2020/2021 activities presented by WIIS members – Kornela Oblińska and Anna Dombek. The Women In International Security (WIIS) Poland Steering Committee members present at the meeting were:

  • Michal Baranowski – Co-Chair of the Warsaw Security Forum and Director of the Warsaw Office, German Marshall Fund of the United States,
  • Wojciech Dzięgiel – Expert, Industrial Development Agency
  • Aleksandra Gasztold –Associate Professor, University of Warsaw
  • Beata Górka-Winter – Adjunct Professor, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Katarzyna Pisarska – Co-Chair of the Warsaw Security Forum, Casimir Pulaski Foundation

Aleksandra Gasztold is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of the University of Warsaw. Her key areas of research studies include terrorism and intelligence studies. Moreover, she serves as a Member of the Women’s Intelligence Network (WIN), the Institute for National and International Security (INIS), and social expert of the Government Centre for Security (RCB). She is an author of various works on security studies inter alia: ‘The Conspiracy of Silence: The CIA Black Sites in Poland’, International Politics (2021), Feminist Perspectives on Terrorism: Critical Approaches to Security Studies (Springer 2020); ‘The Polish Counterterrorism System and Hybrid Warfare Threats’, Terrorism and Political Violence (together with P. Gasztold, 2020). She also conducts research on women in peace and security finalized in a book with coeditor Kornela Oblinska, Ph.D. entitled Kobiety w systemie bezpieczeństwa państwa (Women in state security system 2021). Aleksandra Gasztold can be reached at agasztold@pulaski.pl.

WIIS Poland was launched in November 2017 during the fourth edition of the Warsaw Security Forum as the newest affiliate of the WIIS Global. The organization was created within the Casimir Pulaski Foundation.

We encourage you to actively engage in WIIS Poland activities! To stay up-to-date visit WIIS social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).