On 10th of May we had pleasure to organize first event in the format of Diplomatic Meeting o WIIS Poland hosted by the Embassy of Canada. Special guests of the meetings were LtCol. Beata Targońska and Mjr. Joanna Jaworska from Council on Women’s Affairs from Ministry of Defense, and Mjr. Andrew Straatsma and Major Rhea MacLean Gender Advisor to Commander Task Force Latvia from Canadian military deployment to Latvia within NATO Enhanced Forward Presence.
The meeting was an exquisite opportunity to discuss the role of women in the uniformed services of Poland and Canada and to exchange experience regarding women serving on the international missions.
Chargé d’affaires of Embassy of Canada Mr. Jeremy Wallace underlined that participation of women in every aspect of public life is essential – their involvement in peacebuilding and peacekeeping missions leads to more sustainable peace, and their role in the security sector is a valuable input in safety of all of us. Chairwomen of Council for Women’s Affairs LtCol. Beata Targońska stressed the progress regarding military service of women within the Polish Armed Forces. She also underlined that the Minister of Defence Mariusz Błaszczak appreciates the role of female soldiers and is open to dialogue and further actions that will work in favour of positions held by women and opportunities they have in the uniformed services. Major Rhea MacLean Gender Advisor to Commander Task Force Latvia mentioned that the biggest challenge they currently are facing is raising awareness about various consequences of regulations and laws to soldiers depending on their gender.
Participants of the event had an opportunity to discuss the raising level of involvement of women in uniformed services and to point out important elements of their service, such as opportunities of promotion to commanding position, the participation of women in military education, and contribution of female soldiers to international missions.