The Foreign Policy programme is the broadest programme of the Pulaski Foundation. The subject of this thematic research programme concerns the current developments and long-term trends in international politics as well as global issues. The analysts of the Foundation focus specifically on certain key geographical areas from the point of view of the interests of the Republic of Poland, ie. the Transatlantic area, Russia and former Soviet states. The Foundation’s experts also carry out research on the Middle East, East Asia, and South-Eastern Europe amongst others.

Foreign Policy Programme Coordinator is Mr. Tomasz Banasiak.



Team & Experts

Tomasz Smura

Director of Research Office, Foreign Policy Programme Director

Tomasz Smura, PhD, is a graduate of the Institute of International Relations at Warsaw University and Director of Research Office at the CPF.

Tomasz Banasiak


Alumnus of Collegium Civitas in International Relations, specialization Diplomacy and negotiations in the information age. Previously studied at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) where obtained prestigious Le Certificat en Sciences Sociales et Humanités.

Marcin Bużański


Bogdan Góralczyk

Senior Fellow

Professor at the European Centre of the University of Warsaw, former Chief of Policy Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (2001-2003) and longtime diplomat.

Kowal Paweł


Member of Polish Parliament, Secretary of State in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2006-2007), Member of European Parliament, Chairman of EU-Ukraine Committee, Member of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee (2005-2006), Staff Member of Institute of Political Studies of Polish Academy of Science

Adam Jarczyński

Senior Fellow

Director of the Polish Academy of Public Relations and the Polish Academy of Protocol and Etiquette. He has more than 10 years of field experience in public relations.

Janusz Mrowiec

Senior Fellow

Career diplomat, former ambassador, Doctor of Humanities, specialised in research concerning international aspects of social organisation and public sector.

Jan Wojciech Piekarski

Senior Fellow

Ambassador ad personam. Ambassador Piekarski holds experience in numerous departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Łukasz Polinceusz

Senior Fellow

Deputy Director of the Human Resources Development Centre, graduated from School of Business and Administration in Warsaw (specialisation: Administration).

Julian Sutor

Senior Fellow

Dr. Sutor has worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for half a century. Former Head of the Polish Embassy to the Republic of Serbia from 1992 till 1996.

Krzysztof Śliwiński

Senior Fellow

Former Head of the International Affairs Office in NSSZ "Solidarność", deputy editor-in-chief of "Gazeta Wyborcza", f. Ambassador of Poland to Morocco and South Africa.

Thomas Yeager

Senior Fellow

Retired Diplomat and Captain of the US Navy. Lawyer (doctorate in the field of Law at Georgetown University). Former Head of the political-economic section of the US Embassy.

Daniel S. Zbytek

Senior Fellow

Affiliated with the South Asia since late 70', at first as a representative of the Polish shipyard in Mumbai, Kolkata, Karachi, Rangoon and Colombo.

Joanna Bocheńska

Research Fellow

Currently employed at the Oriental Studies Institute of the Jagiellonian University (specialisation: Iran). Co-founder of the Kurdish Studies Workshop.

Tomasz Ceran

Research Fellow

PhD in Humanities, graduated from International Relations and History faculties in the UMK in Toruń. Laureate of the competition for Polish PhD candidates granted by CPF.

Robert Cheda

Research Fellow

Political scientist and diplomat. Member of editing staff of "Sprawy Polityczne" and "Nowe Sprawy Polityczne" magazines, cooperating with "Polityka" and Rambler Publishing House.

Czerep Jędrzej

Reserach Fellow

Researcher, analyst, publicist, and commentator of the international affairs. PhD candidate at the Institute of Political Science at the Cardinal Wyszynski University in Warsaw (UKSW)

Lucyna Czechowska

Research Fellow

Doctor at the faculty of Political Science at UMK (Nicolaus Copernicus University) in Toruń. Former intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at Polish Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Grzegorz Demel


Ukrainian studies specialist and Ph.D. in cultural anthropology, coach. Working for the „Znak” Foundation as well as the „ObywatelskaPerspektywa” Foundation.

Agata Dziewulska


Professor of security studies at the Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw. She was an election supervisor in BiH for the OSCE and a Council of Europe expert.

Agata Domachowska

Research Fellow

PhD candidate at the Political Science and International Relations Faculty of the Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK) in Toruń. Graduated also in the field of Balkan Philology.

Wojciech Dzięgiel

Senior Fellow

Jakub Gajda

Research Fellow

Graduated from Iranian Studies at Jagiellonian University and holds postgraduate certificates in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Jagiellonian University.

Katarzyna Kwiatkowska

Research Fellow

Coordinator of the Res Publika Nowa project "Partnership for Freedom of Speech", member of the editorial board of Res Publika Nowa.

Grzegorz Lewicki

Research Fellow

Foresight and communications consultant, author of „State Power Index”, journalist and researcher of civilizational complexity. Graduate of London School of Economics and Maastricht University.

Marcin Maroszek

Research Fellow

Graduated from the Faculty of International Studies at the University of Łódź. Expert in the field of Latin America and U.S. foreign at the Amicus Europae Foundation.

Mateusz Mazzini

Research Fellow

A Polish-Italian freelance reporter based in London and Warsaw, covering Latin American affairs. Graduated from St Antony's College and the University of Oxford.

Dominik Mierzejewski

Research Fellow

Doctor, adjunct professor at the East Asia Faculty of the University of Łódź. Chinese language and culture studies at the Shanghai International Studies University.

Olga Nadskakuła

Research Fellow

Doctor of Humanities, graduated from the Faculty of International Studies and Political Science at the University of Łodź. Lecturer at the University of John Paul II in Cracow.

Jan Nalaskowski

Research Fellow

PhD candidate, Fulbright scholarship holder at the Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. Graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University (Toruń).

Tomasz Pichór

Research Fellow

Publisher, journalist and publicist. Founder and former editor-in-chief of Sprawy Polityczne Publishing House. Currently founder and editor of Rambler Publishing House.

Rachela Tonta

Research Fellow

Doctor in Humanities specialized in political science (at the International Studies Faculty of the Jagiellonian University). Graduated from the Social Science Factulty of the University of Wrocław.

Witold Repetowicz


He is an expert in the Middle East, terrorism and geopolitics, an author of ,,My name is Kurdistan” as well as lots of accounts of frontal fields, such as Iraq and Syria, a constant associate of the media.

Yaropolk Tymkiv

Research Fellow

Lecturer at the Faculty of International Information at Lviv Polytechnic National University, consultant of the European Integration Committee to the Ukrainian Parliament.